Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter is here!

Well, winter has finally arrived!  My kids were so excited to play in the snow, it didn't matter that the temperature outside was in the single digits!  I am glad to see their new boots get some use:) 

Now that we have converted our fireplace to wood burning, we have been enjoying toasty warm fires on these cold days.  I even started one up myself on a day the kids had a snow day!  I never grew up being taught those things, so I have learned a lot being married to Brandon....and I'm grateful!  I just need to back down when he gets home-we all know how he likes to play with his fires!

Riley has been busy with Girl Scout cookie orders-she is a serious salesgirl:)  She went to Brandon's work and went into as many people's office as she could and worked her magic!  Noah has shot up 6 inches in the last year and continues to impress me with all that he is learning at school.  And Graham is FINALLY getting the potty thing down!  YAY!!  He has his last swim lesson today.  He even gets a report card and everything! 

I do hope to be better at more frequent posts, but I'm not promising anything! :)  I wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

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