Tuesday, May 21, 2013

another update-of course overdue!!

Too much time has passed!!  We are almost into summer and the last pictures I posted there was snow on the ground!  Yikes:)  That just means we are staying plenty busy.  Sports are coming to an end which will lighten our load significantly! Riley just ran in her first 5k for Girls on the Run and LOVED it!  We are so proud of her!  Noah just scored his first goal in soccer this past weekend....and not only was it his first time, but he actually got TWO goals within one quarter!  He was pretty pumped:)  Graham has been a pretty good cheerleader at the sidelines.  Soon enough he will be playing soccer too! 

This past weekend we made it to the kite festival in Grand Haven.  It was such a beautiful day, but the wind was pretty weak-they couldn't really fly any big kites.  That's ok, we still had a wonderful time.  We have our summer bucket list started.  Hopefully we will be able to accomplish many things on the list!!  Enjoy this time of year!  We love it:)

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